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Wellbeing information about our school.

At St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School, the wellbeing of all of the children is of utmost importance. Wellbeing has been identified by the Government as requiring a raised profile within schools. Recent studies have shown that childhood obesity and mental health issues have significantly increased, especially within the North East, which has the third highest prevalence of obesity in the country.

Through our RSHE curriculum, PSHE curriculum, PE curriculum, Science curriculum and a range of other activities in school the children will look at:

Physical Wellbeing – such as exercise and sleep

Health Wellbeing – healthy diet and the importance of water

Mental Wellbeing – managing relationships, feelings and dealing with problems

Over the year we will look at many different aspects of wellbeing with the children including:

  • Healthy Packed Lunches
  • Sleep
  • Water
  • Mental Well-being
  • Teeth

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Updated | 18th March, 2024 |